Experience Carer

Experience of child care sector

Future Families welcome applications from those with a wide range of experience of child care. You may have worked in the child care sector such as health service, residential, day care, youth work, teaching, a support worker in the community etc and therefore bring a range of knowledge, skills and experience of working with children and their family.

Previous experience of fostering or adoption

We also welcome application from experience foster carers or adopters who already have experience of providing care for looked after children in a family setting. You may have cared for a family member under a family and friends arrangement or through a Residence Order, Special Guardianship Order or you may have fostered but took a break and now looking to return to the profession. If this description fits you get in touch.

Currently fostering

If you are currently fostering for another fostering agency or local authority fostering team and you are considering transferring your registration we would welcome an enquiry and we can discuss matters further. There are various reasons why experience carers transfer e.g. lack of or poor support, limited access to training and development, inadequate financial reward, not being listened to, lack of placements or placements not fitting your term of approval etc.

Like anyone else in the national workforce foster carers have the right to move to work where you choose. There is a “transfer of carers: protocol” which is the accepted process by which foster carers transfer between agencies.

A foster carer can transfer whether they have a child in placement or not and Future Families will support you through the process.

For more information please give us a call or complete the “arrange a call back” form.

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