Case Study – KP

KP is of white UK/Asian origin. He was matched with miss Mulholland as she would be a fulltime carer and due to K’s age his needs would be best met by her. She also matched his racial background as she has children of the same background.

Be Healthy:The Carer ensures that all K’s medical appointments are up to date, at the start of the placement the agency supported Miss Mulholland in obtaining K’s red book and ensuring he received any immunisations which he had not received. When Kieran was placed he had a very limited diet, he would only eat chips and toast, gradually the carer introduced him to a variety of foods including fruit and vegetables. Kieran now eats a balanced diet. Initially Kieran was unsettled emotionally, however the foster carer worked very hard to respond to his emotional needs making him feel comfortable, loved and safe, Kieran is now a happy child, very settled in the placement and has a good attachment to the foster carer.

Staying Safe:There were a few safeguarding issues where Mum was giving Kieran dangerous objects to bring home after contact these objects could have injured him as they were usually sharp, rusty and dirty. In response to this the carer contacted the agency straight away, the agency spoke to the local Authority social worker who addresses the issue. There is an agreed behaviour management plan in place and this gives the carer clear guidelines on how to manage K’s behavioural.

Enjoy and achieve: The foster carer works well in partnership with all involved with Kieran. As he is still quite young he does not engage in social activities on his own, however Miss Mulholland ensures he interacts with her grandchildren and ensures he is involved in and enjoys family days out. Since being in placement, Miss Mulholland has provided Kieran with appropriate stimulation, nurturing and encouragement in a safe and secure family environment. Kieran is thriving well, meeting all his milestones. Kieran is too young to be attending an education provision, however the foster carer and agency are in the process of identifying a stay and play centre. Previously it has been difficult for the carer to do this due to his contact sessions which clash with the stay and play provisions for his age group. When Kieran was initially placed he had no speech, hardly played on his own or with other children. He is now potty trained, is able to speak a sentence, can identify objects and plays well with other children.
Making a positive contribution: K’s placement has remained stable, birth mum is also in support of the placement and Miss Mulholland is supportive of the contact she has with Kieran.

Achieving Economic Wellbeing: Miss Mulholland regularly saves for Kieran as per the agency’s policy. Pocket money is used for purchasing toys etc.