Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a foster carer?
It can take between 3 and 6 months to become an approved carer for Future Families.
What will it involve?
The process of becoming a Future Families approved foster carer has several stages, some of which are similar to a job application. The first stage is a home visit by a supervising social worker followed by an invitation to attend our skills to foster course, family interviews, police and local authority checks and references. The components of each stage are drawn together to form a complete assessment ready for consideration by our fostering.
How many spare rooms do I need to foster?
Each foster child you have will need their own room, unless they are siblings.
Can I foster if I work full-time?
You will not be able to foster a child if you work full-time and live on your own. However, you can work part-time if you can be flexible i.e in case you need to collect a child from school if they are sick.
Do I need any qualifications?
No formal qualifications are required as pre-approval and on-going training will be provided; any adult over 21 years can apply.
Do I have to be married?
No you can be single or be in a partnership for 2 years.
Do I have to be able to drive and have a license?
Yes a full driving license and a vehicle insured for business use is preferred as carers are required to ensure children’s/young people’s day to day travel needs are met i.e. taking a child to school, as well as attending meetings in relation to the children and young people, plus training days and support group meetings at Future Families’ offices.
I have pets – can I foster?
Yes. Foster carers can and do have pets. However, the safety of the children in families with animals must be carefully considered. The keeping of dogs included in the Dangerous dogs Act 1991 cannot be accepted with future families’ foster placements. A pet assessment will be carried to ensure the animals are under control and do not prevent a high level of risk.
How long will it take for a child to be placed with me once I am registered?
This will depend on the referrals we receive at that time and how well you are a match to the needs of the young person. On average it can take from between 6 to 8 weeks following approvals.
What happens if I encounter problems with my placement?
foster carers can access advice and support from future families, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Regular supervision and support meeting take place between the future families’ social worker and each foster carer. These meetings ensure an opportunity to discuss the needs of the child in placement and that the foster carers are able to progress the child’s care plan. Any concerns or challenges are identified and discussed with action plans.