Aims & Objectives


To recruit, train, assess and support a broad range of families or single people who can provide short term, long-term, permanent, respite and emergency foster care for children local authorities find hard to place i.e. children with special needs, in danger of exploitation, disabled children, black, Asian, dual heritage and unaccompanied children


  • To provide a range of foster parents with skills, knowledge and understanding to care for children aged 0-18 years who cannot live with their own family
  • To provide a range of foster carers who can care for children who have suffered physical, emotional, sexual abuse or mental trauma culminating to the experience of neglect
  • To provide foster carers who can meet the needs of disabled children and those with special educational needs
  • Provide foster carers with a named qualified social worker who have the skills and knowledge to provide regular quality supervision and support to foster carers and children in placement
  • To provide specific and focussed support at times of greatest needs.
  • To provide quality training to all approved foster carers to support their learning and development
  • To work to build strong working relationship with all local authorities to help support good outcomes for children